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The Trail Depends on YOU!

Donating is easy! Simply fill out the form below and mail to:

Friends of the Southern Links Trailway
PO Box 18 / Columbiaville MI 48421

Donations are tax deductible!

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Interested in Volunteering?
The Friends Group is always looking for volunteers to help with fundraisers, dinners, and events. If you have a skill you'd like to contribute, we'd love to have you! For volunteer information contact Dale Fuller 810.793.2453



membership information

The Southern Links Trailway was made possible by the hard work and dedication of our community leaders and trailway supporters. This project was launched through a grant from the Michigan DNR for acquisition of the railroad bed and an enhancement grant from MDOT.

The trailway does not receive any money from the State of Michigan or the counties surrounding the trail (Genesee, Lapeer, Tuscola). This trail relies solely on the financial support of private donations and volunteer help to support and maintain it.

The Southern Links Trailway is a 501©(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

Donations made In Memory of

  • Edward Baize Sr.
  • Kent Murar
  • Sandy Chaffer
  • Vati & Opa Hans Gaerdes

Special Donations

  • Gleaner Life Insurance Society

Trail Sponsors

  • Tim & Sherry Baize & Family   Columbiaville, MI
  • In Memory of Edward Baize Sr   Columbiaville, MI
  • Ray & Linda Benson  Otter Lake, MI
  • John & Suzie Carpenter  Columbiaville, MI
  • Evergreen Grove LLC,  Otter Lake, MI
  • Dale & Mary Fuller  Otter Lake, MI
  • Harold & Pauline Fuller  Otter Lake, MI
  • Tom & Sandy Glesankamp  Columbiaville, MI
  • Ken & Fran Gullekson  Otter Lake , MI
  • Steven & Candice Hehn  Davison, MI
  • Paul & Jerry Henry  Otisville, MI
  • Steve & Dawn Johnson  Columbiaville, MI
  • Joe Wright & Judy Chizmadia  Otisville, MI
  • Bryan, Andrea, Joe, Jeremy, Kelsey Johnson  Millington, MI
  • Lonnie, Carol, William, Sarah Kester  Millington, MI
  • Lakeville Teachers  
  • Amy Lutz  Otisville, MI
  • Mayville State Bank   Mayville, MI
  • Mc Daniel Farms  Millington, MI
  • Steve & Lynnae Millard  Columbiaville, MI
  • Glen & Lana Nyswaner Columbiaville, MI
  • Cathy Phaneuf  Columbiaville, MI
  • Hollowway lake Association
  • Tom & Kathy RaCosta  Columbiaville, MI
  • Larry & Laura Secord  Otter lake, MI
  • Rockin Ron  Columbiaville, Mi
  • Sorge’s Construction Inc  Otter Lake, MI
  • Earl Gravlin & Julie Sullivan  Lapeer, MI
  • Tamara & Ed Warren  Millington, MI
  • Ken Welch  Columbiaville, MI

Donating Members

  • Flyod  & Margaret Anthony  Columbiaville, MI
  • Vivian Barden  Otisville, MI
  • Gloria Bublitz  Lapeer, MI
  • Carolyn Heidemann & Carl Hass  Columbiaville, MI
  • Jim Chaffer  Columbiaville, MI
  • Norm Clark,  Columbiaville, MI
  • Mary Downey  Lapeer, MI
  • Marc, Lisa, Amanda, Alex Dykes  Lancaster, MA
  • Kenneth & Amy Elwert  Lapeer, MI
  • Joann Helmbold  Vassar, MI
  • Cheryl Hill  Davison, MI
  • Dave Johnson  Columbiaville, MI
  • Sue Kanners  Columbiaville, MI
  • Donald L Lennan  Grand Blanc, MI
  • Jack Minore  Flint, MI
  • Darrel & Diana Morton  Columbiaville, MI
  • Carol Oxley  Otisville, MI
  • Leo Paveglio  Cadillac, MI
  • Bill Rohrer  Otisville, MI
  • Joe & Diane Rossi  Otter Lake, MI
  • Andy & Helen Schmid  Fostoria, MI
  • Bonnie Scott  Otisville, MI
  • Helen Smith  Clio, MI
  • Terry & Cindy Springsteen  Millington, MI
  • Nancy Stimson  Mayville, MI
  • The Three Roods Farm  Columbiaville, MI
  • Denise Tolen  Columbiaville, MI
  • Lon & Irene Traver  Columbiaville, MI
  • Sue Walker  Flint, MI
  • Dennis & Ona Wells  Otisville, MI
  • Roy & Shirley Wisenbaugh  Columbiaville, MI



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