Rules & Regulations

No Littering, camping, open fires, possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, loitering, hunting on, vulgar language
No fishing from bridges, jumping from bridges, swimming to or from bridges, throwing, dropping or launching anything from bridges
No motorized vehicles will be allowed on the trail, with the exception of emergency and maintenance vehicles, electric motorized wheelchairs are allowed
No trespassing on private property
No blocking the trail
Dogs should be on 6ft leash and under control, owners must remove droppings
All horses should be properly bridled

Trailway Etiquette

Keep right except to pass, allow faster traffic to pass safely
Alert when passing by voice or bell
All users yield to horses; Cyclists yield to all other users
Yield to slower traffic
Travel at safe speeds

Horse Etiquette

Use designated equestrian trail
Pass at a walk or trot no faster
Kicking horse tie a red ribbon on tall as warning


Helmets are not required but recommended especially for children
Walk bikes across major roadways especially with children