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Southern Links Trailway

is a 10.2 mile non-motorized trailway paved with asphalt a minimum of 10' wide

The trailway connects the communities of Columbiaville, Otter Lake, and Millington.

The Trailway

Offers its patrons scenic views of open fields and wetlands, wooded forests and farm lands

It's perfect for hiking and biking and offers a separate path for horseback riding

SLT is proud to be a part of the Iron Belle Trail!

2,000 mile long Trail across Michigan

Using existing trails, networks and new connections, the Iron Belle Trail extends more than 2,000 miles from the far western tip of the Upper Peninsula to Belle Isle in Detroit, with a route of bicycling, and a route of hiking. SLT is proud to be included as a section of this beautiful Michigan attraction.

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We make supporting Southern Links Trailway easy!

Donation tubes are located at all 3 Trailway heads!

If you’d like to help support SLT we have two easy ways to donate! We have donation tubes located at each trailway head, Columbiaville, Millington and Otter Lake (pictured here). Drop cash donations or checks into one of our donation tubes and they will be collected monthly. We also have a digital form that can be completed along with an address to mail checks!

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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations