Keep Up with Southern Links Trailway

There’s always something happening on and around Southern Links Trailway. This trail news page is here for you to keep up with upcoming activities, volunteering opportunities and information updates! We will leave our news posts up for about a year so if you miss anything you can still read about it here.

First bench set at Millington trail head!

The first of our new benches was set at the Millington trail head! These are thanks to everyone’s plastic bag donations, the donations added up to 500 pounds of plastic! More benches will be added to the other trail heads soon. Thank you so much for all your support!

October 24th 2022

Upgraded Donation Tubes!

We had 2 awesome volunteers give our donation tubes a much needed upgrade! They painted them and added new lettering to help make them MUCH easier to see.

September 10th 2022

Crack filling day!

Two volunteers donated their time and hard work and were able to fill in 193 cracks along the trail! Here you can see a before and after of just one crack! You can clearly see just how needed this was. We can’t thank them enough!

September 10th 2022